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Why You Should Use Unscented Cleaning Products in Your Home

Many people have allergies or adverse reactions to chemicals found in everyday cleaning products. These chemicals usually include manufactured scents such as "spring fresh" or "rainforest clean". For these people we recommend an all natural unscented cleaning product.

Some of the things you should look for on the label are: Hypo-allergenic

Non-toxic Biodegradable Contains no dyes or artificial colors No fragrances or masking agents

Enzymes as stain removers Septic system safe No optical brighteners Cruelty free, not tested on animals Kosher certification


Migraine sufferers can be very scent sensitive. If so, finding unscented cleaning products that do not cause an attack can prove to be tricky. I’ve found some very good products, both store-bought and DIY, that contain no migraine triggering fragrances. If this is of concern to you, please visit

If you don't mid scents but don't want any chemicals in your products, we can recommend a PUUR Home product scented only with pure essential oils. we previously wrote about it here.


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