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5 Reasons to use Natural Cleaning Products

5 Reasons to use Natural Cleaning Products

Why you should switch!

Many people today are seeking to eliminate chemicals from their daily lives. This includes the foods we eat, skin care and yes, even our cleaning products.There are numerous reasons why you should switch to using natural cleaning products. The obvious ones are for the health of your family and the environment but there are others. Read on to discover if any of these apply to you and consider switching to natural cleaning products for your home, kitchen and bath today.

5 reasons to use natural cleaning products

Family/Child/Pet Safe.

Choose a product that is free of dangerous or synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to your children or pets. Did you know that most poison cases involve young children? The highest incidence occurred in 1-2 year olds with children younger than 6 years old making up almost half {48%) of all poison incidents ( Keep your house and surfaces safe against skin and eye irritants with a non toxic, plant based cleaner like PUUR Home. And hey, it's now perfectly safe for your kids to help with household cleaning chores!

poison incidents in children under 6 years old

Allergies and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Obviously, most store-bought cleaners are created by using many toxic chemicals. That's the reason they are required to use those warning labels we see about not breathing in the fumes. That should be a huge red flag! These harmful irritants can be even worse inside the confinements of your home, in fact, according to the California Environmental Protection Agency:

"The use of certain common cleaning products and air fresheners can cause an increase in indoor concentrations of both gaseous and particle air pollutants when those products are used in the presence of ozone."

So, always keep you home well ventilated with clean outside air and switch over to natural cleaning products ASAP.

The Environment.

Chemical cleaners make their way into our air and water supplies everyday. Natural cleaning products should be 100% biodegradable and also keep your busiest household areas and the air around them clean. Brands like PUUR Home also offer a concentrated refill that will allow you to reuse your plastic spray bottles over and over again. Do your part by reducing the chemicals you release into the environment and enjoy a better quality of life at the same time.

Save Money.

Most people have the misconception that using natural cleaning products can be more expensive. Not only are natural cleaning products less expensive to make than many traditional chemical based cleaners, many come with a concentrated refill that will allow you to re-fill your spray bottles for pennies on the dollar. Be smart and plan ahead by mixing your own natural spray cleaner re-fills.

puur home natural cleaning products 32 oz spray bottle

Know Your Ingredients.

DId you know that government regulations (FDA) do not require ingredients to be listed on any cleaning products? According to the Environmental Working Group (}:

"Cleaning products, unlike foods, beverages, cosmetics and other personal care products, are not required by federal law to carry a list of ingredients. This means that manufacturers have no reason to avoid risky chemicals that happen to clean well – even if they can trigger asthma attacks or skin rashes or are linked to cancer."

PUUR Home lists its ingredients right on the label, but here they are for your convenience:

Ingredients: purified water, proprietary plant-based nonionic surfactants, coconut and pine-based resins, glucose-based sequestering agents and, except for our unscented products, natural essential oils.

The benefits of using biodegradable and nontoxic natural cleaning products have great implications beyond your health and that of your family. Imagine if each one of us used only natural cleaning products, it would quite literally make the world a far better place to live.


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