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PUUR Home adds Natural Dish Soap

PUUR Home has added a natural, plant based dish soap to their growing lineup of safe, non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products for your home.

puur home natural dish soap

Make sure the surfactants in your product are plant-derived, fragrance free and safe for your family and pets. PUUR Home Dish Soap contains none of these ingredients listed below from Gimmie The Good Stuff's Safe Dish Soap guide.

  • Dyes. Food-grade coloring is implicated in behavioral issues in kids, so I’m okay with my dish soap being colorless. *PUUR Home Dish soap is naturally green in color.

  • Fragrance. Anything scented probably contains hormone-disrupting phthalates, unless the manufacturers specify that they only use essential oils. Even phthalate-free synthetic fragrances usually are petroleum-derived and contain undisclosed chemicals.

  • Antibacterial ingredients. You may see “triclosan” listed on the label, or it may just say “antibacterial agent” or something along those lines. This stuff is totally toxic (carcinogenic and hormone disrupting) and also contributes to the antibiotic-resistant “super bugs” that are becoming a real problem.

PUUR Home dish washing liquid is highly effective and ultra concentraded. So one or two drops on a sponge or brush is all you need. Just 4 or 5 drops is enough to use in most sinks filled with water.

Looking for more reasons to use unscented natural cleaning products in your home? Visit our story here.

You'll find PUUR Home Dish Soap and all our other natural cleaning products on our Amazon Store.

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